Farmville bots

I am trying to compile a list of bots for Farmville that help automate the whole process. Reviews will be coming shortly for all of them once I have done thorough testing with them. To me, these programs are invaluable for the game. I was going to write one myself but these seem to do the job pretty well. As a word of caution, though I am linking to these sites I cannot guarantee the validity of the programs or sites involved. At this time, the only ones I know of for sure that are safe programs are Farmbot, Bot for Farmville, and Gridclicker.

Edit 11.21.09: Farmville is becoming notorious for updating their game so it is causing some of the bots to have to be updated frequently as well. With the addition of Farmville plots up to 22×22 it is causing havoc on a few of the bots. Some of them are becoming unstable or just not working. I will try and keep this list up to date.

Farmbot – Pros: Easy to use, easy to install, cheap, soybean/exp method feature, help neighbours feature
Cons:Spotty on performance, difficult to stop once started, no ability to harvest animals, is not free (costs $5), no support forum. Seems to not work now with plots 22×22.

Farm Helper

Farmville Bot

Farmville Extreme Manager

Farmville Magic Tools– Pros:Very fast and stable. They seem to keep the bot updated frequently. Does not get hung up on items like your avatar. Has an xp method. Harvest animals with one click on each animal. Simple and nice gui.
– Cons:I am spoiled with the non auto clickers so I see these auto clicker programs as cons. However, this one is by far the best of the bunch. It does not get hung up on items like some of the others and works very fast. Does not automatically harvest animals or trees. It does harvest them with one click though which cuts down the clicks by 50%.

Bot for FarmvillePros: Free, extremely fast, uses commands to the server instead of on your computer, more configurable, ability to control seperate actions such as harvest crop, plant, harvest animals. Can control the amount of seeds to plant, active support forum, plants grow in half the time (start at 55% when planted)
Cons: No help neighbour feature, no soybean/exp method, gui not pretty. Appears to not be working now with the new Farmville updates as of 11.19.09

Cool name and good idea but I could not get it to work. It appears to be very well laid out and I must admit that I did not spend much time trying to get it to work as I was in a rush. I was contacted by the developer (which I believe is an incredibly good sign) and will give it a thorough review when I get more of a chance to play around with it.

Farmville Clicker
Easy grid auto clicker. However, it runs into the same problems as all the grid auto clickers do in that it does not handle items in the way. If it hits your avatar it will cause havoc. It does, unlike most of them, have a hotkey you can hit that will exit the program and quit it before it moves a fence or opens 30 windows by accident.